Colect changelog
Colect changelog

Sales Notes Sales App Version 4.34




Sales App




Hybrid Showroom


Available from the end of March 2023.


Sales App

  • New Feature - Multi-factor Authentication Biometrics: Because your security is our priority, we’ve enabled biometric security (Face ID) to unlock the Sales App.

  • New Feature - Export Line Plan: To enable customer collaboration, users now have the ability to export a copy of the Line Plan as a PDF and share them with their customers in this format.

  • New Feature - Shareable Line Plans: To enhance collaboration between users, line plans are now shareable between iPads using the Sales App, enabling sales reps to share and edit assortments while giving their creative input.

  • New Feature - Customer Location: Now all customer locations are displayed on the map.

  • Enhancement Cart: To bring clarity to users, only customers with Drops or delivery windows configured in the app will be able to visualize the 'drops' button.

  • Enhancement Invoices Overview: To improve invoice usability, the filtering logic in the invoices overview has been updated, now the newest invoices are shown first.

  • Enhancement Security: Continuing to improve our security for you, now blocked users can no longer place orders.

  • Enhancement: Users will be able to access Beta builds without being logged out of a production build.

  • Enhancement Languages: To enhance usability in the app, Danish and general language translations have been updated.

  • Enhancement Order Grid: To bring more clarity on the Order Grid, an error message is now shown to prevent an item with no quantities selected from being ordered.

  • Enhancement Style Icons: To upgrade the visual experience in the app, a shadow effect that was visible when navigating away from a product image back to the PLP general has been fixed.

  • Enhancement Line Plan: For better usability on the Line Plan, images no longer bounce when resized.

  • Enhancement Order Status: To help you understand the status of your order better, Order Status indicators have been improved.

  • Enhancement PDP: To optimize usability, images are no longer duplicated if swiping too quickly in the product image carousel.

  • Enhancement PDP: To optimize usability, prices no longer overlap with product information when swiping too quickly through the PDP.

  • Enhancement: To avoid confusion, now inactive buttons will be shown as greyed out.

  • Enhancement Line Plan: To give an easier usability, a Gender filter button has been added to the Line Plan.

  • Enhancement Invoices: Now the invoices' titles are clear and easy to read.

  • Enhancement: To ensure visual consistency, the customer search bar was not affected by the iOS update.

  • Enhancement: To better help the user take notes, order line commenting now works appropriately.

  • Enhancement Line Plan: To have a cleaner aesthetic, grid lines are no longer the default setting in the Line Plan.

  • Enhancement Order Grid: Now pre-packs with sub-sizes are better displayed, enhanced in the UI.

  • Enhancement Lookbook: We’ve created a better navigation through the lookbook to related items in the app. This way customers have an easier buying journey.

  • Enhancement Cart: To improve data-driven orders, historical data now renders correctly across the cart view.

  • Fix: Order button now displays correctly if there is no customer selected.

  • Fix: Order number is shown in the order confirmation PDF document correctly, it no longer looks cropped.

  • Fix Documents: Title's full name is display correctly on documents like marketing materials, etc.

  • Fix: Sales banners on the PLP are properly displayed now, size and image wise.

  • Fix: When clicking on the syncing order history button, now you get a visual progress indicator.

  • Fix: User is no longer removed from the cart when editing order lines.

  • Fix Line Plan: Grouping buttons displayed correctly when resizing Line Plan.

  • Fix PDP: Visual bug no longer seen when viewing items on the Product Display Page with a stamp.

  • Fix Signature: Button is no longer misaligned when signing general terms.

  • Fix Quick Order: Now the error message is displaying correctly on items with canceled style.

  • Fix: Now all EAN codes are present in Excel reports.

  • Fix: Intermittent navigation issue where a user is returned to a previous page is now fixed.

  • Fix: Inactive tiles won't redirect anywhere when touched.

  • Fix Cart: Canceled items can no longer be added to the cart.

  • Fix Order Grid: Discount button displays correctly no matter the lenght of the product description.

  • Fix Cart: Notes in the cart are now retained correctly.

  • Fix: Dropbox no longer causes a crash in the Sales App.

  • Fix Line Plan: Items with stamps load correctly.

  • Fix: Intermittent crash is fixed when downloading collection.

  • Fix Cart: Minimum order quantity displayed correctly in cart.

  • Fix: Intermittent issue with sync order history resolved.

  • Fix Time Stamps: Issue resolved with incorrect time stamps.

  • Fix: Customer information displayed correctly when placing orders.

  • Fix: Login screen optimisation when logging in.


Hybrid Showroom

  • New Feature - PDP: To visually enrich the Hybrid Showroom experience, the icons that are added to extra fields are now fully displayed.

  • New Feature - PDP: To better display product details, stamps are now shown on the Hybrid Showroom.

  • Enhancement Fonts: To have a visual unity, now fonts and headers are standardized.

  • Enhancement: For customers to be completely informed in the sales journey, all product information is now fully displayed, instead of ending with an ellipsis (…).

  • Enhancement: Video display names have been updated on the Hybrid Showroom to be more intuitive.

  • Fix Hybrid Showroom: The favorites icon scales appropriately when displayed on the showroom.

  • Fix Hybrid Showroom: All product items in favorites view, including sketches are displayed correctly.

  • Fix Hybrid Showroom: Update to font sizes to make them more uniform in size.