Colect changelog
Colect changelog

Release Notes Sales App Version 4.31.0


Sales App


These release notes are for the general purpose Sales App in the Apple App Store. For custom builds please contact support.

  • Improvement PLP: On the PLP sometimes grey lines appeared around the picture borders.
  • Improvement PDP:: Pictures on PDP turned grey due to incorrect resizing
  • Improvement Filter: Improved stability of reset-filter button
  • Improvement Showroom: When a product has no image, the product shows up on the digital showroom screen.
  • Improvement Showroom: Always show products on screen without primary images
  • Improvement: Live price check enhancement (when enabled for customers)
  • Fix Showroom: Improved favorite synchronization between app and showroom.
  • Enhancement Showroom: When sending image sometimes did ping the showroom twice, resulting in no image. Solved and enhanced connection.
  • Fix: Favorites in filter crash solved.
  • Improvement Sales banners: The sales banners were cut off in some situations.
  • Enhancement Showroom: A new cart mode has been added, so if you go to the cart a new mode can be configured.
  • Enhancement Showroom: In the settings added an option to hide prices.
  • Improvement Showroom: Enable three screen video playing from the documents section (inform support) for latest digital showroom build)
  • Optimization Showroom: The connection between the digital showroom and the sales app.
  • Improvement Size Sorting: Resolved topic in size sorting in the pre-pack content pop-up.
  • Improvement Lookbook: Lookbook crash when going back and forth from/to PDP and Lookbook fixed.
  • Enhancement Cart: When importing a draft order to the cart the user stays in the draft section instead of redirected to the cart.
  • Optimization login: When logging in the "ok" button is now the first available option.
  • Improvement Settings: App version added to the settings page.
  • Improvement Documents: Group naming in documents fixed.
  • Enhancement Search: Search bar in historical orders improved.
  • Enhancement: Order number is no added to the email-subject after Brand name
  • Improvement Filtering: As soon as the app is reactivated from the background the filter setting is restored.
  • Enhancement LookBook: Added zoom to lookbook
  • New Home & Interior: Add a way to change quantities in cart
  • Enhancement filtering: Add filter to select only product with images
  • New Home & Interior: Order single sized products directly from PLP & PDP
  • Improvement User Security: Enhanced security check related to simultaneous logins on multiple devices (ABS)
  • Enhancement Manual Discount: Manual discount button & pop-up lay-out is improved (only visible when activated).