Colect changelog
Colect changelog

New Line Plan Improvements




Sales App




Available from 26th of October 2022.

Let your creativity flow - customize your product display with the new enhancements of the Line Plan and enrich each piece without losing your brand guidelines:

  • Display different images of the same product and show your clients the different angles and details that make your product unique.

  • Your images keep their quality even when resizing. This means that you can start playing with the size of each product image and present them on the Line Plan however you like without having to worry about pixelation.

Changelog Image - New add-ons to the Line Plan (2).jpg

  • Upgrade your product presentation with the new grid lines available on the Line Plan. Play with your blank or gridded canvas however you prefer with these customizations designed to enhance flexibility and creativity for sales reps.

Changelog Image - New grid view available (1).jpg