Colect changelog
Colect changelog

Order Center Upgrade


Brand portal




Available end of March - beginning of April

The display of our Order Center is being upgraded. Now, the most recent version of an order is shown in the Order Overview merging ERP orders and Colect orders in one single line. When you click on the โ€œOpenโ€ button, you will be able to see the current as well as previous versions of your order organized in tabs in the upper left corner. This way, itโ€™s easier for you and your clients to access the original order as well as the other versions of it.

  • When Orders are split in the ERP system, it will show all current orders (Current 1/2) (Current 2/2)
  • The retailer can still access the original order confirmation and downloads by accessing the original order.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team via the Support Portal.

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Moving Collection Custom Property "related.products.field"






The collection custom property "related.products.field" in is being migrated to its own field "productExpressionForRelationMatching" on Monday 13 March 2023.

You don't need to do anything as this will be done for you automatically ๐Ÿ™Œ. All you need to know is that setting a "related.products.field property" in customProperties won't be used from Monday as it reads the value from the "productExpressionForRelationMatching" field in the collections advanced section.

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Backend Security Update






For improved security this link ๐Ÿ‘‡ will now result in a login. Keep in mind that you can check the "remember me" box so your credentials are automatically saved for future logins ๐Ÿ‘Œ.

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Icons Displayed In Hybrid Showroom




Hybrid Showroom


Available from the end of March 2023.

To visually enrich the Hybrid Showroom experience and give your customers deeper information about their purchases, now the icons that are added to extra fields are fully displayed on the showroom screens.

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Export Line Plan As PDF




Sales App


Available from the of March 2023.

We know that collaboration is key for a successful B2B sales journey, this is why Sales App users now have the ability to share Line Plans as a PDF or file with other users and have them review, edit and modify the file as desired ๐Ÿ‘Œ.

Changelog Image - Export Line Plan as PDF.png

FaceID Security Enabled




Sales App




Available from the end of March 2023.

Protecting our customers and their data continues to be one of Colect's top priorities, this is why we've enabled biometric security - Face ID - to unlock the Sales App. Your security always comes first!

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Sales Notes Sales App Version 4.34




Sales App




Hybrid Showroom


Available from the end of March 2023.


Sales App

  • New Feature - Multi-factor Authentication Biometrics: Because your security is our priority, weโ€™ve enabled biometric security (Face ID) to unlock the Sales App.

  • New Feature - Export Line Plan: To enable customer collaboration, users now have the ability to export a copy of the Line Plan as a PDF and share them with their customers in this format.

  • New Feature - Shareable Line Plans: To enhance collaboration between users, line plans are now shareable between iPads using the Sales App, enabling sales reps to share and edit assortments while giving their creative input.

  • New Feature - Customer Location: Now all customer locations are displayed on the map.

  • Enhancement Cart: To bring clarity to users, only customers with Drops or delivery windows configured in the app will be able to visualize the 'drops' button.

  • Enhancement Invoices Overview: To improve invoice usability, the filtering logic in the invoices overview has been updated, now the newest invoices are shown first.

  • Enhancement Security: Continuing to improve our security for you, now blocked users can no longer place orders.

  • Enhancement: Users will be able to access Beta builds without being logged out of a production build.

  • Enhancement Languages: To enhance usability in the app, Danish and general language translations have been updated.

  • Enhancement Order Grid: To bring more clarity on the Order Grid, an error message is now shown to prevent an item with no quantities selected from being ordered.

  • Enhancement Style Icons: To upgrade the visual experience in the app, a shadow effect that was visible when navigating away from a product image back to the PLP general has been fixed.

  • Enhancement Line Plan: For better usability on the Line Plan, images no longer bounce when resized.

  • Enhancement Order Status: To help you understand the status of your order better, Order Status indicators have been improved.

  • Enhancement PDP: To optimize usability, images are no longer duplicated if swiping too quickly in the product image carousel.

  • Enhancement PDP: To optimize usability, prices no longer overlap with product information when swiping too quickly through the PDP.

  • Enhancement: To avoid confusion, now inactive buttons will be shown as greyed out.

  • Enhancement Line Plan: To give an easier usability, a Gender filter button has been added to the Line Plan.

  • Enhancement Invoices: Now the invoices' titles are clear and easy to read.

  • Enhancement: To ensure visual consistency, the customer search bar was not affected by the iOS update.

  • Enhancement: To better help the user take notes, order line commenting now works appropriately.

  • Enhancement Line Plan: To have a cleaner aesthetic, grid lines are no longer the default setting in the Line Plan.

  • Enhancement Order Grid: Now pre-packs with sub-sizes are better displayed, enhanced in the UI.

  • Enhancement Lookbook: Weโ€™ve created a better navigation through the lookbook to related items in the app. This way customers have an easier buying journey.

  • Enhancement Cart: To improve data-driven orders, historical data now renders correctly across the cart view.

  • Fix: Order button now displays correctly if there is no customer selected.

  • Fix: Order number is shown in the order confirmation PDF document correctly, it no longer looks cropped.

  • Fix Documents: Title's full name is display correctly on documents like marketing materials, etc.

  • Fix: Sales banners on the PLP are properly displayed now, size and image wise.

  • Fix: When clicking on the syncing order history button, now you get a visual progress indicator.

  • Fix: User is no longer removed from the cart when editing order lines.

  • Fix Line Plan: Grouping buttons displayed correctly when resizing Line Plan.

  • Fix PDP: Visual bug no longer seen when viewing items on the Product Display Page with a stamp.

  • Fix Signature: Button is no longer misaligned when signing general terms.

  • Fix Quick Order: Now the error message is displaying correctly on items with canceled style.

  • Fix: Now all EAN codes are present in Excel reports.

  • Fix: Intermittent navigation issue where a user is returned to a previous page is now fixed.

  • Fix: Inactive tiles won't redirect anywhere when touched.

  • Fix Cart: Canceled items can no longer be added to the cart.

  • Fix Order Grid: Discount button displays correctly no matter the lenght of the product description.

  • Fix Cart: Notes in the cart are now retained correctly.

  • Fix: Dropbox no longer causes a crash in the Sales App.

  • Fix Line Plan: Items with stamps load correctly.

  • Fix: Intermittent crash is fixed when downloading collection.

  • Fix Cart: Minimum order quantity displayed correctly in cart.

  • Fix: Intermittent issue with sync order history resolved.

  • Fix Time Stamps: Issue resolved with incorrect time stamps.

  • Fix: Customer information displayed correctly when placing orders.

  • Fix: Login screen optimisation when logging in.


Hybrid Showroom

  • New Feature - PDP: To visually enrich the Hybrid Showroom experience, the icons that are added to extra fields are now fully displayed.

  • New Feature - PDP: To better display product details, stamps are now shown on the Hybrid Showroom.

  • Enhancement Fonts: To have a visual unity, now fonts and headers are standardized.

  • Enhancement: For customers to be completely informed in the sales journey, all product information is now fully displayed, instead of ending with an ellipsis (โ€ฆ).

  • Enhancement: Video display names have been updated on the Hybrid Showroom to be more intuitive.

  • Fix Hybrid Showroom: The favorites icon scales appropriately when displayed on the showroom.

  • Fix Hybrid Showroom: All product items in favorites view, including sketches are displayed correctly.

  • Fix Hybrid Showroom: Update to font sizes to make them more uniform in size.

New Lookbook Configurator






Now you can easily upload, organize and link your lookbooks to selected products with the newly released beta version of the Lookbook Configurator.

Create lookbook pages, drag and drop images and link related products to the lookbook images with one click ๐Ÿ‘‡.


Security-release version 4.33.1


Sales App




Available in the app store on 19th of December 2022

This is an update on our previous 4.33.0 release. This security release includes a minor security enhancement with some library updates.

Cart Visualization By Drops




Sales App


Available from 26th of October 2022.

Work better with your clients with the possibility to categorize and visualize by drops the items that have been added to the cart, making it easier for you to sell your collections in the most convenient way. Now you can check the balance together with retailers in terms of quantity per drop, color, value and product category varieties.

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