Colect changelog
Colect changelog

Cart Visualization By Drops




Sales App


Available from 26th of October 2022.

Work better with your clients with the possibility to categorize and visualize by drops the items that have been added to the cart, making it easier for you to sell your collections in the most convenient way. Now you can check the balance together with retailers in terms of quantity per drop, color, value and product category varieties.

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New Line Plan Improvements




Sales App




Available from 26th of October 2022.

Let your creativity flow - customize your product display with the new enhancements of the Line Plan and enrich each piece without losing your brand guidelines:

  • Display different images of the same product and show your clients the different angles and details that make your product unique.

  • Your images keep their quality even when resizing. This means that you can start playing with the size of each product image and present them on the Line Plan however you like without having to worry about pixelation.

Changelog Image - New add-ons to the Line Plan (2).jpg

  • Upgrade your product presentation with the new grid lines available on the Line Plan. Play with your blank or gridded canvas however you prefer with these customizations designed to enhance flexibility and creativity for sales reps.

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Password Security Upgrade




Sales App


Available from 26th of October 2022.

In line with Colect’s strategy to protect our customers and their data, we have increased our platform’s password security. More requirements are now needed to create a password which represents an increase in the safety and security of each account and its members. Our customers are always the priority!

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Release Notes Sales App Version 4.33.0


Sales App






Available from 26th of October 2022.

  • Enhancement Update Password Security: As part of our strategy to make passwords more secure, we've added additional requirements to the password creation for our product logins.

  • Enhancement Order Grid: Improved UI - now you can fold in the pre-pack extension fold-out.

  • Enhancement Line Plan: New gridlines with variations available were added to the Line Plan. Choose your favorite!

  • Enhancement Line Plan: Now you can add additional images which are available for items (e.g. back image, detail image, model image, etc.) of the same product to the line plan.

  • Enhancement Hybrid Showroom: The collection screensaver mode is now shown when rebooting the showroom.

  • Enhancement Hybrid Showroom: Products with no image will be shown in the Hybrid Showroom, generating the same type of view found in the Sales app.

  • Enhancement Hybrid Showroom: Now the Product Status (e.g. cancelled, blocked for ordering, sold-out) is displayed on the Hybrid Showroom screen.

  • Enhancement Hybrid Showroom: Now the product information is shown when selecting the product information page.

  • Enhancement Hybrid Showroom: Now you can view the products in the cart categorized by drops.

  • Enhancement Hybrid Showroom: Now you can add an additional layer (screen) to the multilayer content - 5 in total instead of 4 - in the Hybrid Showroom configuration. *Multilayer content is any additional videos and/or images attached to the main image of the look.

  • Improvement Hybrid Showroom: Now you can display articles on the Hybrid Showroom even if they only contain a sketch, a picture is no longer required.

  • Improvement Hybrid Showroom: Cloud configuration can only be deleted by Admin Users.

  • Improvement Order Tool Tip: The order tool tip is now displayed correctly - double tap on it and it will expand to show the current cart (order) value.

  • Improvement Sales Banners: The sales banners are shown horizontally across the products instead of diagonally.

  • Improvement Invoice Overview: More line level options in invoice overview - now you have the ability to choose individual or multiple invoices, export and share them.

  • Improvement Lookbook: Choose Group button is always displayed.

  • Improvement In-Store Mode: Sales banners are now hidden when selecting in-store mode.

  • Improvement Line Plan: The quality of line plan images remains the same when resizing.

  • Improvement Line Plan: Arrows on Line Plan images are static when resizing an image.

  • Improvement Line Plan: Regarding the product images displayed on the Line Plan, you can now choose which product information is displayed.

  • Improvement Hybrid Showroom: The following 3 screens have titles to indicate the specific screen view: product overview, order overview and shop-the-look when in storytelling mode.

  • Improvement Hybrid Showroom: When the screen is rebooted you can now see your main logo displayed.

  • Fix Lookbook: Images are now scaled to the correct size when you click on a product on the Lookbook.

  • Fix PLP: Navigating back from the PDP (product detail page) to PLP the (product list page) won't return a user to the Category Overview.

  • Fix Setting: The last reload stamp is now shown correctly if you perform a reload on the app.

  • Fix Size Based Prices: Size Based Prices are now displayed correctly in the cart.

  • Fix Home Screen: Now the download collections title is no longer cropped when changing display orientation.

  • Fix Quick order: Resolved crash when not selecting a customer, now you don't have the option to Quick Order without having selected a customer before.

  • Fix Cart: Discount button will no longer result in the app closing down.

  • Fix Cart: Users in all time zones are able to see quantities in the cart again, which means that you can set your iPad to different time zones without affecting the cart within the app.

  • Fix Historic Orders: Sums from orders regarding products that have been removed from previous collections are still shown, they will be displayed in the order confirmation pdf.

  • Fix Filter selection: Always show favorites filter now disables show only favorites filter.

Patch-release version 4.32.1




Sales App


We have just released an update on our previous minor 4.32.00 release, including some general improvements and fixes. In this patch-release we have included a solution for navigating from the product detail page (pdp) to the product list page (plp) correctly.

For more questions and updates please contact support. This fix is available for all users starting from August 24th.

Adjust Quantities In Cart


Sales App




Another time-saving feature for home interior brands: quickly add or reduce the quantities of any item in your cart. Just like in the order grid, you simply tap the quantities and add or remove items. No need to go back to the Product Detail Page, adjust your active order right away in the cart and finalize it.

Available in the Sales App version 4.32.0 and up (coming August 22nd 2022), exclusively for home interior brands. Ask Colect's support team for more information about configuration.

Changelog Image - Adjust Cart Quantities.jpg

Quick Order For Home Interior Brands




Sales App


Adding items to your order quickly, directly from the Product List Page and Product Detail Page. With the Quick Order functionality, it is now possible for home interior brands. Items that only have come in one size, qualify for this time-saving functionality.

When configured in the back-end, this functionality allows you to add items directly from the Product List Page to your cart, no need to open the Order Grid first.

Available in the Sales App version 4.32.0 and up (coming August 22nd 2022), exclusively for home interior brands selling one-sized items. Ask Colect's support team for more information about configuration.

Changelog Image - Quick Order Home Interior.jpg

Multi Sticky Notes Selection


Sales App




Pick and choose your Sticky Notes selections with the new multi-select functionality. From now on, you can decide which Sticky Notes selections you wish to show to clients, and which ones you would like to keep hidden. Create your own system by assigning a certain color to a certain client or collection.

Available in the Sales App version 4.32.0 and up (coming August 22nd 2022).

Changelog Image - Multi Sticky Notes.jpg

Improved Draft Import


Sales App




Increase your efficiency with the new and improved Draft Import feature. When importing draft orders in the Sales App, you now have 4 options moving forward:

  • Combine your draft with your current active order
  • Save your active order in drafts first, then import the draft
  • Delete the active cart first, then import the draft to your cart
  • Cancel the import process

Available in the Sales App version 4.32.0 and up

Changelog Image - Improved Draft Import.jpg

Import Filter Selection Into Cart




Sales App


Directly import filter selections into your cart, fast and easy. The new Import Filter functionality allows you to create any filter combination you like, combining the Favorites and Sticky Notes functionalities and all other available filter options. This feature is automatically enabled in the latest version of the Sales App.

Available in the Sales App version 4.32.0 and up (coming August 22nd 2022).

Changelog Image - Import Filter Selection To Cart.jpg